01. Name of the Society:

  • The name of the society shall be "Ashraya - Valli Devasena Subramanya Temple Society ''which shall be here in after called the society. 

  • The short name shall be "ASHRAYA"   

  • The name of the society shall not be changed at any time or in any circumstances.

02. Location:

The Regd office of "ASHRAYA" shall  be situated  at  Subramanya SwamyTemple Sai Priya gardens Phase II , Veduruwada Village Atchuthapuram Mandal, Visakhapatnam District  Andhra Pradesh, India Pin 531011 and the administrative office of "ASHRAYA" shall be Situated  at Plot No 319 Sai Priya gardens Phase II , Veduruwada Village AtchuthapuramMandal, Visakhapatnam District  Andhra Pradesh, India Pin 531011

03. Area of Operation: Andhra Pradesh

04. Categories of membership:

a. The membership and fees of the society shall be of the following categories

  • Institutions Rs.500/- per annum
  • Founder Members Exempted from fees
  • Life Members Rs.500/- onetime payment
  • Ordinary Members Rs.20/- per annum

b.    Eligibility:

  • Institutions: Only registered bodies engaged in any activity interested in "ASHRAYA" activates would be eligible for membership.
  • Founder Members: Founder Members are those who have been mentioned in the memorandum of Society as Annexure 1. The founder members exempted from paying the membership.
  • Life members: Life Members are those who contribute a fee of Rs500/- would be eligible to become life membership.
  • Ordinary Members: Ordinary members are those who contribute a fee of Rs 20/-per annum

05. Admission to membership:

a.    Any person shall be eligible to be a member of "ASHRAYA" Provided

  • Is more than 21 years of age.
  • He/She is interested in the objectives of "ASHRAYA"
  • His/Her application has been approved by the Executive Committee.

b. Executive Committee may revise the membership fees from time to time.

c.The  General  Body  may  co-opt  any  non-member  to  "ASHRAYA"  to become Executive Committee member who identifies with the philosophy and ideology of activities of "ASHRAYA"

06. Termination of Membership : The membership shall get terminated

a.    On acceptance of resignation

b.    On death of the member

c.    When the member is absent for three consecutive General Body Meetings

d.    By way of disciplinary action if the Executive Committee decides that continuance of such a member is detrimental to the interests of the society

e.    If any member does not pay the required membership fees

07. General Body:

The general body of the society consists of the members(founder,Life time, Ordinary) and member institutions by its representatives

a.    The Executive Committee may invite eminent persons as honorary members of the society
b.    The General Body shall meet once in a year with a notice of fifteen clear days
c.    Agenda along with the Minutes of the General Body meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary of the society
d.    The minutes of previous meeting shall be confirmed at every meeting

08. Quorum:

The quorum for the General Body meeting shall be 1/3 (One third) of its total strength

09. Functions of the General Body:

  • To elect the office bearers for the Executive committee once in five years.
  • To consider and approve Annual Report of the society.
  • To evolve yearly action plan, set up guidelines and targets for the achievement of the objectives of the society
  • Memorandum and articles of the society may be amended by the General Body with a 2/3 rd (Two third) of the members present and majority voting.

10. Executive Committee:

a. The Executive committee shall consist of,

  • President
  • Vice President,
  • Secretary,
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer,
  • Three Executive Members,

b. The office bearers of the Executive Committee may continue in the same or different offices with the approval of the General Body

c. Any vacancy in the Executive Committee may be filled in by co-option by the Executive Committee. Such co-opted members shall hold office until the next election

11.Functions of the executive Committee:

a. The Executive Committee shall meet as often they deem fit at least twice a year

b. Shall appoint sub committees for undertaking various types of functions and supervise them

c. Shall be the custodian of all the properties of society and shall have power to lease, sell transfer purchase any properties on behalf of the society

d. Shall approve the enrolment of new members to the society

e. Shall have power to borrow upto a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs per annum,and  to receive donations or otherwise raise funds on behalf of the society and to spend the same for the achievement of the objectives of the society

f. Shall be the appointing authority of staff of the society and to decide on their wages/pay scales etc.,

g. Shall appoint auditors who shall hold the office till the conclusion of next Executive Committee elections. The same auditors may be continued with the approval of new Executive committee

h. Shall discuss and approve the Annual Report, Accounts, Balance sheet and Next year's action plan along with Budget Estimates, before presenting to the Annual General Body Meeting

i. Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote and if there shall be an equality of votes, on any question to be decided by the Executive Committee, the presiding officer shall, in addition, have a casting vote

j. Any business except such as Executive committee may General/special order direct to be placed before the meeting, may be carried out by circulation amongst all its members and any resolution so circulated amongst all its members signing shall be as effectual and binding as if such resolution had been passed at a meeting of EC/GS, provided at least 1/3 of the members of the EC have recorded their views on the resolution

12. Functions of the office bearers of Executive Committee:


a.    Shall preside over all the meetings of the executive committee as well as the General Body
b.    Shall discharge the duties of the  Secretary also at his/her discretion
c.    May delegate any of the functionary powers to Vice President as and when necessary
d.    Shall control and supervise the whole staff of the society, shall have power to suspend or take any other disciplinary action against any erring member of staff. The effected member may appeal to Executive Committee through  Secretary
e.    The president/ Secretary shall have the power to appoint/employ at his discretion, and remove/suspend employees of all categories of the society, and from time to time retaining their powers and duties, and fix their honorarium/consultation fees; to acquire security in such instances of and to the amounts he/she may think right.
Vice President: In absence of the President, or by delegation of powers, shall discharges the duties     of the president.


a. Shall be the chief Executive of the Society and custodian of all records and exercises supervisory power on all activities of the society and its staff

b. Shall be the main signatory of society Bank Account and shall prepare innovative schemes and projects as per the objectives of the society and present to the Executive Committee for approval

c. Shall prepare and dispatch the agenda and notice of all meetings. Shall do all the correspondence on behalf of the society

d. Shall attend to all necessary work of the elections

Joint Secretary: In absence of the Secretary, or by delegation of powers, shall discharges the duties     of the Secretary.


a. Shall be in-charges of all cash and other finances of the society. Shall be the joint signatory of financial documents and book records along with the  Secretary
b. Shall prepare and make payment of bills counter signed by the secretary
c. Shall look after the society and its institutions and be the custodian of all accounts book records and submit them for audit
d. Shall prepare budget estimates and submit the same along with balance sheet to the Executive Committee/General body through General Secretary
e. May retain with himself/herself uptoRs. 10,000/- at any time in cash

Executive Members:

a. Shall participate actively in all periodical and important conferences and seminars
b. Shall advise, guide and supervise the society's activities
c. Shall be entrusted with responsibility of implementation and supervision of particular projects and schemes by the Executive Committee

No member shall retain with himself, herself any funds of the society for more than 10days without prior approval of Executive Committee or General Secretary

Tenure of the Executive Committee: the executive committee will hold the office for the first time for five years and from then on after elections according to the bye-laws and elections and prevailing rules

13. Funds:

Fund raising policy of the Society shall be in accordance with the Sec.11(5) ofthe Income Tax Department.

a. The Society shall act as trust Board and accept endowments subscriptions and grants (Donation) from individuals, institutions, corporations of state and Central Governments and other National and International Organizations.
b. Funds shall be spent only for the attainment of the objectives of the society and no portion there of shall be paid, transferred or diverted directly or indirectly to any of its members trough any means.
c. Funds shall be deposited in a scheduled Bank or a Co-Op Urban Bank in the name of the Society.
d. With the approval of the Executive Committee the funds may be spent on obtaining properties for the society.

The association will ordinarily obtain funds from the following sources by cash and cheques:

a. Corpus Fund collected as per the by-laws of the association and the interest from such corpus fund
b. By contributions and donations from Devotees
c. Interests got from the deposits or donations made by the devotees

Raising Funds:

a. Funds got from Hundi of the temple complex
b. By any other mode as may be decided by the General Body as per the exigencies
c. Funds/donations from devotees shall be deposited in a bank and shall enjoy the interest of the same deposits

Utilization of Funds:

a. The funds so raised by the association shall also be utilized for payment of salaries/wages of the staff, wage earner employed for the performance of some of the above functions on a regular-casual basis, salaries/charges for providing watch and ward staff, expenses towards printing, stationery, postage, audit fees, legal fees, water charges, electricity charges and pest control services for common areas and any other charges as decided by the president/secretary of the Association
b. Cultural and recreational programs organized for the benefit of the Devotees
c. The funds of the association shall be spent only towards the accomplishment of the aims and objectives of the association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of the members through any means

Investment of Funds :

a. The Corpus fund of the Association shall consist of contribution of the treasurers and the members, and shall be kept in Fixed Deposit in any  Bank or secure Government Bonds in the name of the association and shall not be utilized for any purpose.
b. The maintenance charges shall include all the expenditure incurred in respect of water, common electricity, wages and the remuneration payable to the Preist or other persons hired for the purpose of day-to-day maintenance of the common areas and facilities


a. A bank account shall be opened by the association  at any scheduled bank in which all monies received on behalf of the association shall be deposited and that the treasurer may retain his/her personal custody an amount not exceeding Rs.10,000/- for emergency maintenance and for petty expenses.  Any payments made by cheques must be signed by the President or Secretary or Treasurer  of the association.  The bank accounts will operated by any of the two jointly comprising of President , Secretary  and Treasurer  of the Association.
b. The association shall publish every year on or before the 30th day of June, an audited annual financial statement such as the receipts and expenditure of the previous financial year and a summary of the assets and liabilities, if any, duly audited by the auditor appointed.
c. The audited financial statement shall be open to the inspection of any member of the association during office hours and in the office of the association and a copy thereof shall be submitted to the competent authority not later than 31st July every year. 
d. The association shall appoint an auditor at its General Body meeting for auditing the accounts and shall pay and honorarium to the auditor as fixed by the Executive Committee.

15. Elections: Elections shall be conducted to elect the,

a. Office bearers of the Executive committee once in five years with 30days of Clear notice by the General Secretary
b. All the members shall enjoy the right to vote
c. The members who proved to be committed to the cause of society and hard working in implementing the various schemes, shall only be eligible to contest
d. The election procedure shall be democratic and simple by proposing and supporting the names and counting the raised hands
e. The total eligible voters of the society shall present and exercise their vote to elect the Executive Committee.

16.Right of Entry:

All the devotees or citizens of India have the right to enter into the temple complex. But entry to the alter room of the Temple is restricted to only Purohit or the executive committee

17.Official Seal :

The association shall have a common "seal" which shall be in the custody of the President and shall be used only under the authority of the resolution of the committee and every deed of instrument to which this seal is affixed shall be attested for on behalf of the association by the members of the committee.  President or any other person authorized by the association on that behalf


The aims and objects of the society as set from in Object clause and governing rules maybe amended or a proposal and approved of the society however that may such alteration, Modification or amendments shall not have effect of violation of the Provisions of the society Act or Sec80G of the Income Tax Act
Amendments or alteration of the Memorandum & Articles of the Society may be made when 2/3 of the members present and voting at a special meeting convened for the purpose and confirmed by majority of members present and voting at a subsequent General body meeting

If any aims and objectives of the Society are to be amended or altered it shall be informed to Income Tax Department well in advance and their permission                                            
19.Winding Up:

In case, the Society has to be winded up, the properties and the funds of the Society shall be transferred or paid to some other Society or intuition with similar aims and objectives as decided by the General bodyand are transferred to another Society under A.P Societies Registration 2001, Section 24&25. But it shall be informed well in advance to the Income Tax Department and their permission is a must.

In the event of dissolution of the Society, their remains, after the satisfaction of all Debts and Liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Society and shall be give or transferred to any other institution with the similarly Aims & Objects which has been recognized by the Income Tax Authorities as Registered U/s.12-A of the Income Tax Act. As determined by the majority of the Board of Society on/or before the time of dissolution.

It is mutually considered that the objects of the Society will be better achieved if the Income of the Society is exempted under the Income Tax Act.  In case, however, a particular clause or clauses of the instrument of Society has been inadvertently clothed a language capable of tan interpretation in conflict with the relevant provisions granting exemption under the INCOME TAX ACT.  It is hereby agreed that such clause or clauses will have restricted meanings so that the relevant Income-tax provision will always have the overriding effect.

No alteration, amendments, deletions or additions to this deed or to any clause thereof shall, however, be made with the prior approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax, Visakhapatnam

20.Disputes Settlement : if any disputes against society mangement, the settlement will be made under Arbitration & Con. Celiahon Act,1996.

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